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Voice/data transmission & internet access

  • Dedicated satellite channels

    The organization of public (leased ) SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) satellite channels is organised between remote objects of a client, or between a remote object of the client and one of Satis teleports with the terrestrial extension to the specified address of the client.

    The data transfer rate in such channels is limited by the maximum bandwidth of the used satellite modems and transponder bandwidth hosting the channel. Typically, this are trunk channels between nodes of telecommunications companies and telecom operators.

    Various methods of digital signals compression are used to optimize the satellite capacity, including the duplex satellite link bandwidth method for optimizing — Carrier in Carrier, which allows to transfer the forward and reverse channels in the same frequency band. Thus, for the symmetric duplex channels the procedure of transmitted and received signals aliasing is used in addition to digital signal compression, which brings the double bandwidth savings compared to conventional duplex channel band.

    Upon request of a customer the ground extension (the last mile) is organized from the earth station, which "lands" satellite channel to the specified object of the customer (address, name, location of the connection point in the building).

  • High-speed Internet

    On the basis of the licenses for the provision of channels and telematic services we provide customers with leased public satellite channels at constant guaranteed bit rate up to 300 Mbps.

    In case of Internet access organization via public satellite channels, the constant bit rate is guaranteed in the forward and reverse directions throughout the term of channel service without limiting the scope of the transmitted information.

    The company also provides additional IT-services for the customers based on these channels.

  • Internet Sharing Centers

    TSatellite channels with Satis technical means and infrastructure are provided to local and regional broadcasting operators for the delivery of TV and radio programs for in terrestrial, cable, fiber optic, and enterprise networks.

    Unlimited broadband Internet access is provided at the request of the operator.

  • VSAT Services

    In order to provide communication services for meeting the needs of the customers to link their remote branches and divisions into a single corporate network and access the Internet and data transmission services, we use network solutions based on iDirect technology and Newtec Dialog, MCPC / Frame Relay, SCPC, enabling optimization of the used frequency band and reduce customer operating costs.

    Depending on a service packages customer is provided with either a defined bandwidth with specified rate of data transmission / reception or virtual channels in the general data flow with guaranteed minimum rate, or packet's plans with different volume of traffic.


    For provision services of data transferring and broadband Internet access we use in general iDirect™ and Newtec™ technology. 

    The broadband Internet access and data transfer services are provided for customers located on all regions of Europe, Russian Federation, Middle East, the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf via satellites Express-AM6» (53E), "Express-AM8" (14W), "Express-AM7" (40E), "Express-AM44" (11W), "Yamal-601" (49E).

    VSAT iDirect™ and Newtec™ networks can be constructed using star, mesh or hybrid topology. SCPC connection for remote terminals to HUB can be used as well.

    iDirect TECHNOLOGY

    IDirect™ technology www.idirect.net is a technology of constructing broadband VSAT networks using TCP/IP protocol. This technology is highly efficient IP-platform with the use of the space segment as the transmission medium. Along with terrestrial networks with fixed location subscriber’s terminals, iDirect™ also supports ground-based, maritime and air communication systems.

    Technology iDirect™ is implemented by the principle of deterministic multiple access with a time division TDM/D-TDMA (Deterministic Time Division Multiple Access) allocation of bandwidth on demand. In conformity with D-TDMA technology a time slot is allocated for each remote terminal whereby this terminal always gets the required bandwidth when required by the application. IDirect™ remote terminal gets allocated a time slot every 1/8 seconds, which allows to avoid the influence of jitter in the data location in the frame and to provide guaranteed quality of a contiguous data flow in real time.

    D-TDMA in combination with the possibility of guaranteed bandwidth confirmation (CIR) is the most important factor for VoIP and multimedia streaming. One of the differences iDirect™ from other TDMA systems is the use of 125ms frame against 250ms frame in alternative solutions. This allows to achieve minimum response time and to provide voice and video transferring with guaranteed quality.

    In Evolution series the direct channel (Downstream) uses a technology called DVB-S2/ACM where a different level of error correction and modulation modes BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK dynamically switched using adaptive code modulation (ACM) depending on weather conditions. In the reverse channels adaptive system, A-TDMA depending on the weather conditions dynamically switches the modulation modes BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, which ensures stable channels operation in poor weather conditions and reduces downtime.

    The potential of working on the layer L3 and as well on the layer L2 (L2oS - Layer 2 Over Satellite) allows easy integration of remote sites into the existing network infrastructure of the head office over the satellite channels and use existing dynamic routing protocols and MPLS support.

    Flexible multi-level traffic prioritization system (QoS) at the L3 and L2 channels allows to apply different rules for quality of service and reserve the guaranteed bandwidth (CIR) for each individual subscriber and for subscriber groups (Group QoS) as well.

    The possibility of a jitter reducing for Real Time traffic as voice and video improves the transmission quality of video stream and voice.

    Support for TCP acceleration on L2 and L3 layers and the use of DNS caching helps increase iDirect™ network capacity without expanding bandwidth thereby reducing operating costs.

    Newtec Dialog

    Newtec Dialog™ is a single-service and multiservice VSAT platform that allows operators and service providers to build and adapt their infrastructure and satellite networking according to business or missions at hand. Based on the cornerstones of flexibility, scalability and efficiency, the Newtec Dialog™ platform gives the operator the power to offer a variety of services on a single platform.

    Key characteristics:

    • Flexible service offering
    • Flexible business models
    • Multiservice operation

    The overarching goal of a satellite service is to address a business opportunity in a way that creates value for customers, as well as for the satellite service provider. And how can service providers distinguish themselves from competition? By differentiation. The Newtec Dialog™ platform fully manages all aspects of a service: bandwidth usage, real-time requirements, network characteristics and traffic classification. The platform offers these services with carrier grade reliability through full redundancy of the platform components.

    It supports multiple traffic types:

    • Video and audio
    • Data
    • Voice
    • Datacasting

    The Newtec Dialog™ system applies a powerful and flexible hierarchical Quality of Service (QoS) concept to the physical bandwidth available over a satellite. Multiple levels of scheduling feed the traffic so that traffic profiles can be defined at different levels simultaneously, for example:

    • Individual customer services (e.g. Voice over IP (VoIP) & www traffic on a certain customer site)
    • Individual customers (e.g. CIR/PIR for a certain customer site)
    • Service aggregates (e.g. aggregate VoIP CIR)
    • Customer networks (e.g. aggregate CIR for a corporate access network)
    • Virtual Network Operator (VNO) dedicated capacity (e.g. CIR for a VNO to create its own services)

    The Newtec Dialog™ network versatility offers layer 2 and layer 3 services.

    SCPC VSAT network

    SCPC technology along with the main use for the organization of dedicated channels «point to point» is also used for the construction of small satellite communications networks combining no more than 10-15 remote stations. This is basically a small corporate network connecting remote client’s offices to the central with high capacity of channels included in this network.

    The topology of these networks can be a «star» where each branch is connected only to the central office and there is no direct link between the branches as well as can be «fully connected» when the central office and all branches are linked by the principle of «everyone with everyone».

    Fully connected network topology according to the requirements and wishes of the client is implemented in two ways:

    Connection between the central office and each of the branches (remote terminals), as well as the connection «everyone with everyone» is implemented in a single hop via satellite;

    The connection between the central office and each of the branches is implemented in one hop via satellite and the connection "everyone with everyone" is implemented in two hops via satellite through the central earth station. This achieved by appropriate settings of the router at the central earth station.

    The first method gives the smallest delay through the satellite between any two points of the network, which is about 370 ms, but require a significant equipment costs since in each point of the network the number of modems equal to the total number remotes included in this network minus 1 should be installed.

    The second method provides twice the delay in the channels between the branches, but requires much less equipment costs.

  • Maritime

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